Saturday, December 18, 2010

i envy her wedding dress, i envy her wedding veil, i envy her wedding dais

MasyaAllah! i envy everything from her head to toe. oh! a very beautiful bride.


Credit to the talented photog. photos grabbed from here.

- Live. Love.Laugh xx

Friday, December 17, 2010

Countdown - Lapan puluh empat

Today mark 84 days left until the solemnization day. Bless!

Time flies when you're having fun! =D

Ohh hallooo bridezillas to be =)

Sorry for the lack of updates and neglecting this blog for almost 3 weeks now. Alot of things has been going on with the wedding preps etc, though it seems i've managed to settle only a few stuffs over the past 3 weeks T_T. I am not sure how u guys handle the stress level. Honestly, there are times when i just burst into tears without any reasons, any warnings, any purposes. is that even normal?? Mcm too many things is happening in your head and your brain can just handle 1/3 of it. the rest, mcm blowing a ballon to its limit, forcing the air into a tiny ballon and nda mau2 jua kan di tiup sampai telatup. =s

Lets ditch the -ve aura and get into business, yes? 

I had a little getaway before the xmas holidays. Yayyy! Plus, i managed to get some flowers for the tables arrangement and room deco. Not quite sure about the color combination though. But hantam sajalah, somehow the eyes agreed with the combination of baby pink, lavender and lilac white. Satu saja kurang, i didnt buy any green leaves and forgot the grabbed the ready made long beads for hantaran deco. Haiyo haiyo. we still got time, yes we do! say it with me people. 'we got time!!' thats the spirit. hehe.

Here;s the good part of the story. Alhamdulillah, my room is 'almost' ready. Got a call from the Mrs. Y that the floor just arrived y'day and they plan to install it tomorrow or latest by next Monday. Next, the wallpaper and curtains - the guys just came 2 days ago to measure the wall and windows. Once the floor +  curtains is completed, insyaAllah the family will have a small makan2 and doa kesyukuran. Mudahan semua urusan lepas ani berjalan dengan lancar. Aminnn.

Here's a sneak peek of my room (u can ignored that 2 meja, achair and handle penyiut dpn2 atu. huhu) Noticed we had tv and aircon already? We had a great deal on the TV and air-con last week. Never realized the fiance handal negotiate. We saved additional $300+ after the discount price!!! That is alot of money and ofcos saya sangat lah happy seperti seekor hippo =D. Biasa, i do the nego and ia tukang senyum saja. This time, its his turn, and i have to say, NOT BAD eh! 

Ps. remember  my red and blue dance pole in the previous entry?  berdinding udah supaya nampak sopan santun, hehe. To separate the bedroom and wardrobe area. love love love the outcome so far.

Plus we got good price on the down lights and chandelier too. I was smiling all the way back home. Cana tah jua, saya bisa pakai itu saving for my wallpaper. Alhamdulillah, itu namanya rezeki.

here's the pix of the chandelier, down lights nda payah lah ah. hehe

Til next time. Will update u guys on the wedding invitations =)

- Live. Love.Laugh xx