Monday, October 25, 2010

Beads, Chiffons & Laces

Hi Lovelies~ 

I didnt managed to post an entry during the weekend, was quite busy with family gathering and all. I love family gathering as much as i love weddings and barbeques too =D

So, i googled to check on the nikah dress to get some ideas on how my nikah dress would be. I've always imagine myself in a pure white chiffon with light beads. I love simplicity! For sharing fun, here's some of the designs that found while googling and i love love love!

lovely isnt it. lawa berabis! My Top 5 so far. 

simple yet elegant - beading at the neckline and wrist. Another Top 5

sweet and simple

wedding gown by

credits to

loving this - one of the top 5.

dress by aaliyah asmara

by, definitely in my Top 5 list =D

 - Live. Love.Laugh xx

Friday, October 22, 2010


Doa for every bride and groom to be. 
May Allah bless us with life, love & family. Aminn Yarabbal Alamin.

Doa Memohon Jodoh & keturunan yg baik
Artinya: "Ya Tuhanku, janganlah Engkau membiarkan aku hidupku seorang diri, dan Engkaulah pewaris yang paling baik." (QS. Al-Anbiyai': 89)

Allahu Rabbi, aku minta izin
Ketika suatu saat nanti aku jatuh cinta
Jangan biarkan cinta untuk-Mu berkurang
Hingga membuat lalai akan adanya engkau
Allahu Rabbi, aku punya pinta
Ketika suatu saat nanti aku jatuh cinta
Penuhilah hatiku dengan bilangan cinta-Mu yang tak terbatas
Biar rasaku pada-Mu tetap utuh
Allahu Rabbi, izinkanlah
Ketika suatu saat nanti aku jatuh cinta
Pilihkan untukku seseorang yang hatinya penuh dengan cinta-Mu
Dan membuatku semakin mengagumimu
Allahu Rabbi
Ketika suatu saat nanti aku jatuh cinta
Pertemukanlah kami
Berilah kami kesempatan untuk lebih mendekati cinta-Mu
Allahu Rabbi, pintaku yang terakhir
Ketika suatu saat nanti aku jatuh cinta
Jangan pernah Kau palingkan wajah-Mu dariku
Anugerahkanlah aku cinta-Mu
Cinta yang tak pernah pupus oleh waktu

- Live. Love.Laugh xx

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The hunting begins!

Happy Weekend everyone.

My weekend just started!!! I love weekends, its the only time that i can spend my whole day to hunt wedding stuffs =)

Episode 1: Pelamin hunting.

I've started my pelamin hunting 2 weeks ago and i only managed to surveyed 6 boutiques so far. Did i mentioned it took place only during the weekend? Yes, i did! Being fussy and well-known for being kusut in the family & by my charming loving fiance, i never expected that pelamin hunting would be this FUN! (provided the privileges that i can make funny faces to the fiance during the hunting sessions..hehe) 

We also managed to visit the Wedding Exhibition booth held at Time Square last week. The exhibition was held from 6th to 10th October. Honesty, i was quite disappointed to find out only 2 wedding boutiques participated in the wedding exhibition. Majority of the participants was photography booths. Was told that the booths confirmation was made at the last minute, hence i assumed most of the boutiques turned down their participation as they needed more time to prepare/set up for the wedding exhibition (template, packages,wedding thrones etc - keeping aside all the appointments with their clients on that week!) *sighhh. imagine my disappointment.

I personally preferred more wedding boutiques since it is called the "Wedding exhibition", and not a photography exhibition. Unless its a photography exhibition, then i'll keep my mouth shut. hehe. Nevertheless all wedding need at least a photographer to record and witness their memorable event =) 

Back to the initial topic of the day, below are few pelamins that caught my eyes.

a romantic classy garden wedding theme in pink by Ami Yani

sweet garden theme by RN wedding.

and i love these too - sweet lovely garden theme in pink by RN Wedding

it came in green colour too.

a very elegant yet sweet wedding throne by dina halim

another elegant roman style by dina halim.

another version that i fell in love withhh!!! & OHHH her wedding dress!! love love love!

Have you guess the wedding theme yet? YOU GOT THAT RIGHTT!! =D

- Live. Love.Laugh xx

Managing your budget

To start off with the wedding prep - a friend suggested to get lots of colour pencils, markers, colourful papers and a fancy file. Why a fancy file you say? To keep you excited every time you flip into those pages ofcos. 

A wise advise indeed! No bride-to-be would start her wedding prep with cash in her hand or drafting and sketching wedding gowns. They all started with a piece of paper. Some used fancy color papers to be more creative.

I started scribbling on a piece of white paper, an endless lists of the needs and wants of a bride on her wedding day. I even started sketching my dream of a fairy tale wedding gown with a matching cinderella shoe, my wedding stage/throne and of cos a wedding cakes. 

Will start by surveying the varieties and the prices range available in the market, then might select the best option that suits our budget, hows that for a start?

Oh btw, if you are thinking where and how to start your wedding preps, this link might be a good start. I had my own lists and "things to do" before i found this, i could save ALOT of time if i've known this earlier. It took me 2 days to compiled my own lists. hehe. I have more details on what needs to be done for a bruneian wedding. If you guys want a copy of my lists, drop me an email! =)

Live. Love.Laugh xx

Friday, October 15, 2010

I love weddings

Did you ever imagine how your wedding would be? Where would it take place? How many guests are coming? what's the theme of your wedding? who'll be the caterer for the events? the wedding cake? the romantic wedding songs? and of course, who is the man of your dream, the handsome charming groom-to-be? 

I got everything that i need! All i need now is time and a wedding plan to make all my dreams come true. Tawakaltu'Allah. InsyaAllah, everything will be in place on time as planned. Aminn.

Welcome to my humble blog, where you can find almost everything that a bride-to-be is looking for (well atleast what im looking for. hehe) . Lets start hunting! =)

- Live. Love.Laugh xx