Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sneak Peek - The Chosen One & other arrangement

Visited the hall 3 weeks ago. Still waiting patiently for the confirmation. Mudahan its confirm soon. Aminn yarabbal alamin. 

So far, what we have to date:

1. Our Pre-Nikah dates - Alhamdulillah, both of us got the February slots. 
2. Caterer - Confirmed since September last year for all  the events.
3. Photogs - Confirmed for all events. Half payment made, so i dont have to worry on the big amount of balance =)
4. MUA - Confirmed for sanding.
5. Room renovation - Old room was demolished, rebuilt and extended. Completed last December. 
6. Room accessories - Includes laminated floorings, downlights, chandeliers and electric cables extended (a separate arrangement, since room renovation does not include this scope of work)
6. Bebedak and Sanding dress - Sent, confirmed and deposits made.
7. Berbedak accessories - Booked and deposit made. 
8. Other accessories - Bought the TV sets, air-con last december.
9. Pelaminan - Confirmed.
10. Bed - Payment made. Got a call from them today and was told, it has arrived. InsyaAllah, delivery is be made next week.
11. Mattress & customized wardrobe - 85% payment made. Mattress is ready since december and request them to hold and deliver with the wardrobe in feb. Wardrobe is only ready in Feb.
12. Door gifts - Nikah and Sanding done. Still deciding for berbedak + dikir gifts.
13. Floor lamps - bought and kept in existing room =)
14. Flower - bought a luggage of flowers for hantaran and room deco. 
15. Hantaran - got most of my hantaran ready for deco. Yet to get his stuffs.
16. Hantaran stands for her - booked.
17. Invitation Cards - draft completed. Still waiting for hall confirmation, latest by next week. Once confirmed, printing can start.
18. DIY bunga telur - In progress. 70% completed.

What needs to be done:

1. Send his & hers Nikah attire. Was supposed to sent it today, but i did my room spring cleaned instead.
2. Get confirmation from the MUA for Nikah & berbedak. Seriously regret for not settling this earlier =s
3. Bed covers for Nikah & Sanding.
4. Shoes - for all the events.
5. Get the wallpapers & curtain once the bedset is ready.
6. Side table + dress table - still searching for the right ones. Eyes caught on some furniture, but the prices are killing the budgets =( Wanted to customized this but havent got the quotation yet.
7. Get carpets for the room.
8. Frames for His & Her.
9. Get some styrofoam blocks + satins for his DIY hantaran. Get gangsa from nini and start building the structure.
10. Bi-weekly beauty treatment - including facials =)
11. Eat well & sleep well.

The outmost important thing - Tawakkal & Doa.  Mudahan semua urusan berjalan dengan lancar. Aminn yarabbal alamin.

- Live. Love.Laugh xx

Wedding Favors

Happy Sunday beautiful ladies =D

A great sunny day and wedding preps ahead.

Promised Ms Inaza to post up an overdue entry on the wedding flowers i bought form Kaison, KK. I've been searching for 3 of my card readers and i couldnt find any of it. heran bin ajaib sungguh. I misplaced it somewhere but i dont have the patience to search for it dlm keadaan bilik yg semmakin penuh dgn wedding stuffs, so i bought new card reader instead. Menagapatah macbook ani nada built in card reader. haih!

To Ms Inaza, a good news is coming the wayyyy~ 

bought 3 pastel color to match my hantaran since i'll be doing my own hantaran - pink rose, lavender and lily white roses. Sending it for hantaran deco is quite pricey. In average, it would cost me $25-$30 per gangsa. Cheapest price i found quoted me $15/gangsa. Say i have 10 gangsa, 10x$15 = $150.00. Might give this magic hand a try, if lawa we shall proceed.. mudahan jua jadi magic banar. aminnn..

a close up view of the pink roses, about 3" OD. Just realized only the pink roses ada extra deep pink on top of each petals. the lavender and lily white roses is plain and simple. Kaison have more flower choice that could make u go, gah gah! but roses is still sweet for hantaran, kan? hehe. In KK, mcm hari2 i went into this shop and it could last up to 2 hrs coz they have lots of wedding stuffs - boxes, curtains and other cute stuffs for wedding gifts.

Also, thank you to Kasihnya Cinta (many2 hugs to the heroin for being a sweet life savior) for introducing me to I've added her to my fb. Hope she would accept last minute requests and its ready by end of feb. Thank you Kasihnya Cinta=)

And surprise! surprise! i found this yesterday and bought it straight away. hehe. something similar to my wish list - the cute favor bag but for a different purpose.

the cute bag

the inside (with my engagement & pembuka mulut ring displayed =D). Cute right? A bag on the go. Will definitely use this as a jewelry bag for traveling etc, u can use the compartments for your rings and in the middle for bracelets, watch and other cute stuffs =)

- Live. Love.Laugh xx

Friday, January 21, 2011

A new idea? Yeahuuu

Salam to all brides to be! =D
Its officially weekend for me and in few hours, lets all say helllooooo Saturday!!! hehehe.

Blog hopping is awesome! I stumble upon some wedding blogs which linked to some wedding website and found this great idea. Guess, apa nah?


a personalized favor bags for souvenirs/door gifts.

It looks great and its definitely cute. Color nya lagi bari grigitan. I was thinking to make this as one of my DIY projects, but....500 bags, terungkayah kan nda ni krg? hehehe. Plus, at this point of time, lets save some time and focus more on the major stuffs =)  Let me know where i can find these cute bags and if there's any local selling it in bulk at reasonable price (i meant cheap. hehe). Customized sizes would be great.

Have a nice weekend =DD

- Live. Love.Laugh xx

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DIY - Door gifts

I wanted to make and bake my own door gifts for the guests. I never make any sugar cookies though, so might give it a try. If we don't succeed, we'll just call in the expert and make some orders. hehehe. Got the recipe form youtube

Inspired by, my sugar cookies might look like this. yayyy! excited! excited!

credit: Marta Steward blog

Wish me Luck! =D

- Live. Love.Laugh xx

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DIY - Part Two

Yayness! Another post for tonight =)

I've promised to post an entry for the invitation cards, but regretfully its not been finalized yet. InsyaAllah once we gave them the 'green light' this week, they'll start printing both of our cards. I've yet to proof-read and look at the draft. Once we are happy with the draft, the invitation cards will be ready in less than 2 weeks and we can start with the distribution.

Last October i've engaged 2 regional vendors to quote me on the wedding invitations. Me, having to share most of the brides to be fantasy.. hehe, was very determined to get the hard copy invitations. Both vendor quote at a very different price, one being very pricey and another boleh tahan lah (when i said boleh tahan, i actual meant tempted banar tah udah tu. huhu). 

Why boleh tahan? Coz they offered us a very attractive price PLUS a free thank you cards and plastic cover for every cards. For more than 600 cards, they'll print extra 50 cards for you. They even make special design for you, and customized the size of the cards to meet your requirement, say al wakil terlampau byk, they wont stick with the standard size but will proposed a size to make your invitation look purrfecttt! Which also means one thing, "One and only design for you". Atu jua nda tempted bah. Saya amatlah tempted.

After a few discussions with the fiance (few being 2-3 weeks or almost a month kali), the proposal was rejected =(. Initially he agreed, but when the price and the shipping costs were revealed , its a NO-NO! The fiance kept on reminding me not to spend too much on wedding invitations. "let use that money on more important things than cards." 

Luluhnya hati beta, huhu. So we, (i meant me) came back to reality and we start surveying for our invitation cards at the local printers company. Sungguh saya terkejut when we went to one of this local shop, he quoted us the same price for a one piece of soft card, where i can get the exact same price for my 'dream hardcopy invitation cards + ribbons + hot stamping + embossed + the thank you + plastic cover'. Shocking! Coz dulu harga invitation cards sana not as pricey as now. Me being me, buat muka penyeluru and konon confident lah that we can proceed to print our cards arah my first choice - regional printers, sekali nda kana layan. haha. But he was determined that we can get a good reasonable price at other local shops. Again, punah harapan beta. 

Dengan penuh sabar setelah men-surveyed cards in Miri, KK and seluruh brunei, Alhamdulillah, we finally found what we wanted =) He did made his point and gave me a smile. A reasonable price indeed. Im blessed with a very calm lovable fiance who always reminds me of everything. Thank you Sayang, sabar itu separuh dari iman =)

Will share with u guys on the finalised invitation cards once siap, insyaAllah. 

Here's the DIY invitation cards that i made for our Berian & Akad Nikah. Since we didnt get to print the cards that i wanted, and insert cards are quite pricey here, we decided to make our own cards for Berian & Akad Nikah dan Berbedak. Whats more exciting? I'll be making his cards too =D

- Live. Love.Laugh xx

DIY - Part One

Presenting one of my DIY Wedding Project. Final product will be posted soon. Watch this space =D

- Live. Love.Laugh xx

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bunga Gantung Gantung

I could'nt resist but to post this photos up. hehehehe!

photo credits: google

- Live. Love.Laugh xx

64 days and counting..

I've been neglecting this blog for more than a month now. eh wait, I have do have 3 entries sitting on my draft post, waiting to be posted. i havent done that cos most of the story putus ditengah jalan. hehe.

Hello beautiful brides to be & A Happy New year to all!

May Allah bless us good health, unconditional love and rezeki with more years to come. Aminnn =)

December has been a was a hectic month i'd say. Minus the very short vacation lah (one of the many reasons that i didnt update any post here =))  I managed to buy some flowers for hantaran and room decoration though. Yet, menyasal nda membali byk hari atu coz mcm sikit kejadian nya. So, insyaAllah will fly of over the weekend to get more flowers for the hantaran, insyaAllah. Mudah2 murah rezeki, aminn..

Aside from having too many meeting this week (awuu, iatah bah ah baru jua 1st week of January 2011), we have settle our sanding baju last Monday and pelaminan just last night. 

Wedding invitations will be completed insyaAllah in next 2 weeks and my buah tangan arrangement done udah this morning. Went to book for kursus nikah today and seriously, 1 sejam bah nunggu alum urg nya timbul2. Nasib jua kerusi tungu yg nyaman, mun nda ngusut eh olehnya. 

I've also got confirmation on my customized wardrobes and bed set. Bought my mattress separately and paid 80% of it udah. 20% balance upon delivery.

I've also selected my wallpaper but havent decide on the curtains yet. kajap mau light lace curtains, kajap mau blackout curtains. decision. decision.

The room is still empty - chandelier, tv and aircon saja bru ada.

And now, im out of ideas udah to cont my story. hehe. Will leave you guys with this amazing video. Credit to CST. I loveeee her pelaminn, esp yg byk bunga gantung2 atu =)

Click here to watch the video!

Be back soon =D

- Live. Love.Laugh xx